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water recuperation treatment

Our Albatros RWT system to recover water is composed of two basins.
The first basin is an underground or aboveground storage tank which is dimensioned to a size depending on the quantity of water available and the required daily usage.
The second basin is mostly above ground and inside located, and is used for the storage of the water needed for daily use. By lack of water it will be filled with groundwater or drinking water.
The recovered water will be treated, as necessary according to its use, by aeration,

filtration (sand /activated carbon filters and/or membrane), disinfection, and storage.

swimming pool water treatment

We renew existing public pools for municipalities , government agencies and hotels.
We replace and restore old equipment to conform to the recent standards.

waste water treatment

We build our waste water treatment stations on size not standard
Not too big, not too small because we design ourselves the dimensions after consultation in function of your application.
Through our experience of more than 40 years, we opt for solutions with low maintenance, low operating costs, reliable, easy to use and effective for you.
We carry this out in new or existing underground or above-ground tanks according to the latest treatment standards.
For individuals, hotels, campgrounds, restaurants: small stations from 50 to 1000 HE.
For industry and gouvernement: 

  • biological treatment of all biodegradable water
  • storage
  • homogenisation and neutralization of waste water with one single device Oxides

For the small-scale biological water purification, we have four different types of water treatment systems and/or a combination of these types.
The use of one particular type depends from situation to situation and discussed with the client and determined.
For existing hydraulic structures we build penstocks, channel valves and check valves on size.

drinking water treatment


We build mobile pilot plant for drinking water in containers or trailers
We perform technical maintenance, replacement and repairs on all existing mobile drinking water stations.

  • rain water
  • effluent water
  • rinsing water
  • cooling water