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Water treatment system Albatros IS: an aerobic biofilter system with internal water circulation system and with automatic sludge evacuation consisting of 3 tanks

  • Range from 50 till 250 PE* and higher * PE: population equivalent
  • Denomination IS: Individual Station
  • Covered by an European patent EP 0767144B1


This station works according the principle of the biological filter.
The system consists of 3 tanks. The first tank is the primary sedimentation and sludge storage tank, the second is the biological reactor with natural input of oxygen by the ambient air due to the chimney effect.

The incoming water can be circulated several times due to our patented system (European patent EP 0767144B1)
Behind this filter a third tank is installed where the suspended solids coming from the biological filter can be sedimented.
This second sedimentation tank is equipped with a sludge recirculation system that pumps according a programmed time schedule the exces of sludge to the first sedimentation tank, where it will be digested together with the primary sludge.
The gases will be evacuated through the ventilation pipe.
The programming of the number of circulations in the biological filter is possible in function of the number of PE and the standard outlet conditions and can be manually adapted.


  • Small consumption of electricity due to the natural oxygen injection (+/- 25 kWh/PE.year )
  • The efficiency of the system is adaptable due to the circulation ration
  • The distance between the building and the wastewater plant is not of importance
  • The plant is completely under ground and makes no noise
  • The filter can not be clogged due to the circulation device in the filter
  • The storage of the produced biological sludge is automatically
  • Simply and efficiently
  • Simply for maintenance
  • Without expensive adjuvant and with minimal sludge treatment costs due to the long retention times and the  big  utile volume of the system
  • Inlet and outlet are on the same level 

Albatros IS