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Albatros MS

Albatros MS: aerobic active sludge system with water storage consisting of 3 or more tanks

  • Denomination MS: Mini Station
  • Range from 50 tot 1000 IE* or higher * PE: population equivalent

This water treatment plant functions according the principle of the active sludge with or without substate. 

The system consists of min 3 tanks. The first is the storage tank with pumping-station, the second the aeration tank followed by the sedimentation tank with sludge circulation.
In the first tank the incoming waste water will be homogenised and aerated and the waste water will be evacuated at a constant capacity to the aeration tank.
In the aeration tank the active sludge is aerated by means of membranes with air blower or with our patented aerator.
The last tank is the sedimentation tank where the suspended solids are separated from the water.
The sludge recirculation is done by immersing pump.
In option a supplementary tank is provided for sludge storage.


  • Storage, homogenisation and aeration of the incoming waste water
  • The distance between the building and the wastewater plant is not of importance.
  • The plant is completely under ground and makes no noise.
  • The storage of the produced activated sludge is automatically.
  • Simply and efficiently and  for maintenance (no fixed parts beneath the water in case of our patented aerator)
  • Without expensive adjuvant and with minimal sludge treatment costs due to the long retention times and the big utile volume