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Albatros UMS: biological active sludge system with water storage combined in only one tank

  • Denomination UMS: United Micro Station
  • Range from 50 to 1000 PE*   * PE: population equivalent

This waste water treatment plant functions according the principle of the active sludge in only one tank
The aeration and the sedimentation occurs sequential in the same tank. The output of the treated water is after the sedimentation ( SBR - sequencing batch reactor ).
During a fixed time depending on the input of the waste water the water comes in the plant.
The danger that incoming waste water comes into the outlet is less because the is no inlet during the outlet.
The incoming waste water is aerated during a time TA by means of membranes with air blower or our patented immersed aerator.
At this time the tank functions as aeration tank (there is not outlet during time TA)
After time TA the aeration stops during time TD.
The tank as now the role of over dimensioned sedimentation tank (also now there is no outlet during time TD)
Transport of the cleaned water:
After the end of time TD, a immersed pump runs during a time TE. The first gallons are recirculated to the inlet of the plant.
The transported volume corresponds with the total amount of waste water during periods TA+TD+TE
Transport of the exces of sludge:
The produced sludge can be evacuated by an authorised transporter who connects his flexible housing to the sludge collector installed at the bottom of the tank.
The complete automatisation is installed in an electrical panel.

Advantages of the waste water system UMS:

  • Only one tank
  • The distance between the building and the wastewater plant is not of importance.
  • The plant is completely under ground and makes no noise.
  • The storage of the produced activated sludge is automatically.
  • Simply and efficiently.
  • Simply for maintenance (no fixed parts beneath the water in case of our patented aerator).
  • Without expensive adjuvant and with minimal sludge treatment costs due to the long retention times and the  big  utile volume of the system 

Albatros UMS